Let your business take full advantage of the broadest possible customer base with the Nouvobanq Point Of Sales (POS) Merchant Services.

With absolutely no additional charge passed on to the customer, and a network of over 500+ POS machines across Mahé, Praslin, La Digue & Eden Island, Nouvobanq’s POS service is the easiest way to pay across the islands.

Our POS service enables the wide range of business users to provide their services to locals and tourists alike and are the only POS machines available in Seychelles that can charge in Seychelles Rupees, US Dollars and Euros on one terminal. We provide a free POS machine for use with a dial-up connection and a SR100 monthly fee for a wireless POS machine which provides the user with complete mobility, be it moving from table to table in a busy restaurant, or from island to island on a game fishing power boat!

Nouvobanq POS Merchant Services:

  • Fast, secure and convenient
  • Wireless POS machines provide users with complete mobility
  • No additional fee for the customer
  • Increased customer base for business users
  • Three currency billing in one machine