The easiest, most efficient way to interact with your account; a Nouvobanq Electorn Card is a secure, fast and easy way to access your account details, either in one of our branches or through our network of ATMs.

The Nouvobanq Electron Card is a debit card which enables you to draw on funds held in your account, to a daily maximum of SR6,000 via an ATM or up to the maximum value of the account through a Point Of Sales (POS) terminal. Whether you’re doing your weekly grocery shopping or booking tickets for a flight overseas, a Nouvobanq Electron Card is the safe and easy option which eliminates the need to carry large amounts of money

Nouvobanq Electron Card:

  • Provided at no cost
  • Safe and secure
  • No charge for use on Nouvobanq ATM's or other Bank ATM's
  • Widely accepted

  •                        Visa Electron