Nouvobanq car loans are designed to keep you and your money mobile. Whether you’re in the market for a fancy little round around or the daily family transport, Nouvobanq aims to offer you a loan at the most competitive rate and in a package individually tailored to your needs.

Our Car Loans are secured against the value of the vehicle and can be up to 80% of the cost of a new vehicle and 60% the cost of a second-hand car. We provide loans for vehicles up to 7 years old, repaid at a competitive rate of interest, Over a five year period for new vehicle and four years for second hand vehicles. Please note vehicles must be insured for comprehensive insurance cover during the tenor of the loan

Nouvobanq Car Loan:

  • Competitive interest rate
  • Personalised in-bank support
  • Commitment to flexibility
  • Contribution up to 80% of new vehicle cost or 60% for second-hand cars
  • Repayment up to five years for new vehicles and four years for second-hand cars